For Life

Title: For Life
by Christina A.

Summary: Daniel reminisces on life and love and how he came to be where he is today. This fic was a gift for Azar!

For Life
by Christina A.

Daniel Jackson could count on one hand the number of times he’d been in love. He’d always believed that Sha’re had been the love of his life. There was no doubt in his mind that a part of his heart would always be hers. But in re-evaluating his heart, he knew that Sha’re had been his first love, but the love of his life would come later. What he was feeling now was very different from the love he had for Sha’re. The love of a lifetime, his second love, was so very different than anything he’d ever felt. It was more complete, more fulfilling. Like Jack had said, it was the hardest, most consuming emotion anyone could ever feel.

Daniel had to agree. When he first realized that he loved Samantha Carter, she’d been kidnapped by Fifth. Everything had happened internally for him. His quiet desperation had led to the revelation of his emotions for her. The shock had come when he learned that she returned them. It was as if having an outlet for his emotions had only fostered their growth.

Now Samantha Carter was his life. That wasn’t to say that he still wasn’t devoted to his work. He was as committed to protecting Earth from the Orii and other enemies as he was before. It was just that he had a good reason to go home every night now. Both of them did. The longest working members of the SGC now went home at night, and they went home together.

This wasn’t just a physical emotion, though that was powerful in and of itself. Now, they were still the best of friends. They shared interests, taught one another about their specialties and helped with things the other didn’t understand. They filled in the blanks for each other. They fit together perfectly.

He wondered what took him so long to figure it all out. Sam would tease him about taking his sweet time getting around to it. They both knew, though, that it was Daniel’s devotion to Sha’re and her memory that did it. He knew he had loved Sam for much longer than he’d admitted to anyone, even himself.

Now that it was all out, he wasn’t wasting a single, precious moment. His life was ahead of him. Life was ahead of them.

As he stood at the altar, his best friend beside him, he let his mind wander over all the reasons, all the joys, and even the tears that had happened in the life he now shared with her. He wasn’t intimidated about making a lifetime commitment because all they were doing now was legalizing and fortifying by ceremony what their hearts had known all along.

She may not have been his first love, but she was his last. In Samantha Carter, he had found the love of his life. She was the one person who would hold his heart and soul for the rest of his life.

And he was more than overjoyed about it.

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