Title: Reunited
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jonas/Suzanna (OFC)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Jonas or the concept of Stargate. I do however own Suzanna.
Archive: At Ink and Quill

Summary: Jonas returns to Kelowna and the life he left behind.

by Christina A

“Zanna,” Jonas’ voice drifted to her from across the room. She was so intent upon the text she was reading; she hadn’t even heard him enter. He wasn’t even sure she heard his voice, but she did notice when he placed his hands on her shoulders.

A small smile spread across her face, text forgotten as she leaned her head back against him. It had been difficult the first few months after his return to Kelowna. The reunion, despite his injuries, had been emotionally and physcially intense. But he’d changed. He’d been places, seen and done things she could only imagine. And, though he’d missed her, he’d come to enjoy the life he had on the new world… Earth.

She’d been so lonely here without him. But given his natural curiosity, he’d embraced life on Earth. And at first, as she’d listened to his stories… what he was allowed to tell her of them… Suzanna had found herself becoming jealous. He spoke of the friendship he’d formed with Sam… Major Samantha Carter. The mutual respect he’d shared with Teal’c was something he’d come to treasure. And it was obvious that he’d been extremely honored by Jack O’Neill’s acceptance of him.

Jonas had gone on.

She’d been left behind.

Her support and staunch insistence that he was not a traitor had eventually alienated her from the people she’d believed to have been her friends. Her co-workers accepted her as a colleague, many embracing the work she’d done. But personally, her chosen lifemate was a traitor. Few looked beyond that. Her heart broke even more.

So when Jonas had returned, his name cleared, many of these ‘so-called’ friends had wanted to resume their friendships, but she’d wanted nothing to do with them. Jonas understood, though it visibly pained him that she’d had so much heartache in his absence. He’d underestimated his import to her and promised it would never happen again.

“You’ll never believe who I spoke to today,” he began, looking down into her beautiful face and smiling.

“Who?” she questioned, as she turned her chair around and accepted the soft kiss.

“Stargate Command,” his face lit up as he said the words.

Her face didn’t. After the successful peace negotiations, he’d found other work easily, but there were times when she’d catch him staring up into the Kelownan sky, and she knew he was missing Earth. “What did they want?”

He understood her reaction. They’d worked through the initial awkward phase of his return, but he knew she was afraid he’d want to return to Earth one day. But there was something she didn’t know. He was about to share it with her. “A position has come open on one of their SG teams. It’s not SG-1, but I’d be doing the same thing with this team as I did with them.”

She saw the light in his eyes, heard the excitement in his words, and knew how desperately he wanted this. “Then you should take it. It’s what you want.” She reached out and lightly touched his face.

His immediate reaction was to nod in agreement and then the full force of what she’d said hit him. She still felt the pain of their separation, and on some level, she’d been afraid he’d leave her again. The way he’d started the conversation must have made her feel like he was going to leave her again. But she was wrong. He never wanted to experience life without her again. “Zanna,” he said softly, taking her hands. “If I go, we go. They have a position open that’s perfect for you.” Enthusiastically, he quickly spelled out the details of her position… technological research. He didn’t tell her, though, that the position had actually been created for her, as part of the deal for his return to Earth. He wasn’t going anywhere without his wife.

“Me?” she asked, a bit stunned at first. “I’m going too?” In a heartbeat, she was off the chair and in his arms, hugging and raining soft kisses all over his face.

His laughter filled the room. “I take it that’s a ‘Yes, Jonas, I’d love to go’?”

She pulled away just enough to gaze into his eyes. “Yes, Jonas, I’d love to go.”

“Perfect,” he said, turning and slowly letting her fall to the floor. He loved Kelowna. It was his home, but the way he’d left… in reality, the best part of his return had been reuniting with Zanna. To have the opportunity to return to Earth and work on an SG team… to have Zanna with him while he did it…

It was sheer perfection.


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