The Day After

Title: The Day After
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson
Rating: PG-13
Warning: There may be a hint of Jack/Sara… my new Stargate OTP. 🙂
Category: Friendship, Holiday, Giftfic
Summary: The boys spend the day after Christmas together doing something fun.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them but I wouldn’t mind licking them. 😉
Archive: At Ink-and-Quill
Author’s Note: Thanks to Medie for the read through and the encouragement.

Summary: Daniel and Jack always spend the day after Christmas together, and invariably, the same topic gets brought up. This is a prequel to “Sometimes, You Can Go Back Again.”

The Day After
by Christina A.

“You want me to go where and do what?” Jack asked, his mouth wide open. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m not kidding. In fact, I’m completely serious.”

“I don’t want to,” he replied, even as he stepped aside to let his friend in the house.

“You do too.”

“Do not.”

“Do too, Jack, and don’t say you don’t because right now, you’re doing that smiling thing.”

“I am not, Daniel.” He hated the way the other man knew him so well. Sometimes, it could be damn annoying. He even noticed the smiling thing.

“You are but I’ll not argue the point with you.” Daniel walked past him and into the living room. He paused at the credenza and looked at all the pictures on it. Charlie, Sara… the O’Neill family.

“You want a beer?” Jack asked, having made a detour into the kitchen.

“No. And neither do you. We have to leave now if we’re going to make it on time. We need to go, Jack.”

“We aren’t going anywhere. I’ll order some pizza, and we’ll watch some TV.” Jack walked into the living room and handed Daniel a beer. “We don’t get to just hang out much anymore. What with you always getting stranded off world and all.”

“Well technically neither incident was my fault, and you’re changing the subject.”

“Am I?” Jack asked, moving to the couch and sitting down.



The archaeologist had to laugh. “Come on. You’ll have fun.”

Jack looked at his friend for a long moment and finally had to give in. He really did want to go, was excited about it actually. He just didn’t want to give in without making Daniel work for it. “Fine.” He stood and walked over to get his jacket. “But we’re taking my truck.”

“Fine. Why should I care what vehicle we take? We’re going, that’s all that matters to me.” He gave Jack a smirk as he walked past him to get into the passenger side of the truck.

“I want to know one thing,” Jack asked when he got in the driver’s side, “When did you become such a smartass? You’re giving me a run for my money.”

“I did have a great teacher,” Daniel quipped.

“Why thank you.”


Two hours later, Jack was seriously considering the possibility of hurting someone. They were smack in the middle of a traffic jam. He hated them with a passion. “I’m irked, you know that right?”

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. Must be some kind of an accident up ahead or something.”

“Could be,” the General replied. “Maybe we’ll get to see it.”

“Probably not. Our exit is in a couple miles.”

“So about a half hour away,” Jack quipped, causing Daniel to laugh. There had been a time when Daniel didn’t laugh much, and Jack knew he’d been a part of the problem. So when Daniel got kicked out of Oma’s club, Jack resolved to make sure he wasn’t a part of the problem again. Hence why he was in the middle of this traffic jam. “Think we’re gonna be late?”

Daniel laughed again. “I think we missed the one we intended to see, yes.”

Jack nodded. “Probably. Any bright ideas then?”

“Well, it’s not a small city. I’m sure they have mud or Jell-o wrestling…”

“T would be made if we went without him.” Daniel was like Jack in some ways. Both men were reserved, holding back from everyone except those closest to them. Daniel was really the only one Jack felt he could open up to completely. He was so atypical of anyone Jack would have ever considered his best friend. Funny how life worked out.

“True. No way I’m upsetting that Jaffa. So since wrestling is out of the question, we should try to catch the second. What did you think?”

“I think I like how you think. Saves me from having to think so much.”

“I think you’re an ass.”

“Thanks. Then my work here is done.”


The ‘show’ they actually went to see was a special affair. A one night only showing of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. They sat in the back, ate popcorn, and tried not to find humor in some of the more serious moments. Though Jack couldn’t resist at the end when Richard Dreyfuss’ character was walked into the ship by the little gray men, he leaned over and said, “I think I recognize the third alien on the left.”

Daniel laughed out loud, nearly spilling what little was left of his popcorn. When the woman in front of them turned around and gave them a dirty look, Daniel said, “Sorry.”

“I can’t take him anywhere,” Jack said.

The movie let out, and once outside the theater, Jack looked around. “Oh great, pizza. Let’s get some.”

“I’m game.”

“And I’m driving, so you’re stuck.”

“That too.”

“Come on, my treat.” They headed for the pizza parlor, found seats, and Jack ordered pizza and beer. He had to admit that this was better than sitting at home and thinking. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they always spent together. They being SG-1. But the day after Christmas, Jack normally spent it alone. He’d stare at pictures of Charlie and Sara. He’d pick up the phone several times to call her. He’d go to the base and skulk about, normally finding Daniel doing the same thing he was doing. Only Daniel couldn’t pick up the phone and call Sha’re.

This year, Daniel had taken it upon himself to be proactive and now they were eating pizza and cracking jokes at one another with lively conversation. It was, by far, a much better way to spend this day off than their usual way. Daniel always held out hope that Jack would call Sarah and they’d go out… just figure out how to show each other their affection. Until he did, Daniel was happy to spend time with him. Jack O’Neill was actually a fun man to be around, and he was a great man to have as a friend… a best friend. Daniel was truly blessed.

The End

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