The Joining

Title: The Joining
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, MGM and a lot of other lucky people do. I only own Charlotte.
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Notes: This was written for M. Edison for the Stargate Alternate Reality Ficathon. I have to say this was THE MOST challenging ficathon I’ve ever written. Quite a finale for my last ficathon, I think.

Summary: This is about as AU as a story can get. Jolinar didn’t die. She and Sam stayed joined. Sam became a member of the Tok’ra and was joined to Martouf/Lantesh.

The Joining
by Christina A.

“I wasn’t sure this day would ever come,” Jack O’Neill commented as he sat down. He wasn’t the most fond of Tok’ra décor, but given who he was here for, he let it slide. The occasion didn’t warrant being bitchy, though it really frustrated him.

“I was,” Daniel said, sitting across from him. “It’s Sam…”

“It’s Jolinar,” the colonel corrected.

The archaeologist sighed. “It’s Sam *and* Jolinar and they’re both happy so be nice.”

“I am,” Jack pointed out. “I’ve been here ten minutes. I’m sitting on a rock for Christ’s sake, and I’m not complaining. So cut me some slack.”

“Indeed, he is not complaining,” Teal’c reiterated.

Given that the colonel and the Jaffa were in agreement, Daniel could hardly argue. Well, he could, but they were here for Sam. They’d save the arguing for another day. His attention was diverted anyway when Jacob entered the chamber. “Hey, Jacob,” he greeted.

“Daniel, Jack, Teal’c. We’re glad you could join us today. And sorry I didn’t meet you at the gate. Charlotte and I have been up to our eyes in preparations. Selmak wants to speak for Jolinar and Bastet wants to speak for Lantesh, but Selmak and Bastet are at odds as to how they want to go about it.” Jacob launched immediately into the explanations as Selmak was actually eager to get back to the discussion.

“Oh,” Jack said with a nod, “well I can see where that would be…”

“No you can’t,” Daniel interrupted.

Jack sighed. “He’s right, I can’t.”

Jacob actually chuckled at that. He was in too good of a mood to let Jack bother him. His only daughter was getting married today. The love that Sam and Martouf shared was the driving force behind the joining. Jolinar and Lantesh were content with the relationship as is, but the hosts felt differently. So today, Jacob would be giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to someone he admired and respected. He had to admit that there was a time when he feared she’d marry someone… well to be honest, he was afraid she’d marry someone who was a little too much like himself.

“So tell me,” Daniel adjusted his glasses and the look that schooled his face spoke of the scholar that he truly was, “about the Tok’ra wedding ceremony.”

Jacob shrugged. “It isn’t much different from the one observed on Earth today. Though we perform a hand-binding and not an exchange of rings. In this case, however, we’re doing both.”

“Makes sense,” Jack said. “Two cultures and all.”

Before Jacob could go into any more detail, Charlotte joined them though it was Bastet who spoke. “Jolinar wishes to speak with Selmak about the unity ritual.”

“Be there in a minute,” Jacob explained, “I want to help SG-1 settle in first.”

“I’m not sure that delay is advisable. She is insistent, Jacob.”

The former general shook his head. “Excuse me, guys.” As he left, he paused to place a kiss on his mate’s cheek. “How about you settle them in for me?”

Charlotte lowered her eyes and when she raised them again, it was her own voice that spoke. “Of course I will. Jolinar really isn’t being so unreasonable.” Her eyes nearly sparkled. “I think she just makes these requests because she knows it annoys Bastet. The two carry on like siblings, I swear.”

“Just one big happy family,” Jack commented as Jacob left. Before him stood the one Tok’ra that he truly liked. Before the blending, Charlotte had been the definition of ‘uptight’. The blending with Bastet had changed her… for the better. Bastet had a sense of humor that could easily rival his. The running joke was that Jack and Bastet had been cut from the same cloth. It seemed true, and to see her being hosted by someone who was the complete opposite of her… he found great humor in that.

“Actually, we are,” Charlotte said, linking her arm with his as she began to navigate the tunnels. “In a way, an old friend is about to become… my son-in-law. Bastet finds much humor in this. She and Lantesh were infants together, now she’s demanding that he call her ‘mom’. It’s been the source of hours of entertainment.”

“Really?” Jack questioned. “I just can’t picture Joli being all that into the teasing and humor.”

Charlotte sighed. “Colonel, the Tok’ra are a closed society. They’ve been that way for centuries. Just because they don’t share everything…”

“Anything,” Jack interrupted.

“Everything,” Charlotte corrected though there was no animosity in her voice, “doesn’t mean that they don’t feel and love. The Tok’ra have just as much passion as humans do. You just don’t give them credit.”

“She is correct,” Teal’c interjected. “We have seen evidence on numerous occasions that the Tok’ra are honorable as well as compassionate.”

“Thanks, T.”

“Actually, Jack, they’re both right. Think about it. Jolinar and Lantesh have been together through several hosts. I think it’s obvious that they love one another yet this is the first time they have joined in the bonds of marriage. I think that in and of itself speaks of the love that the Tok’ra share. And then, of course, there’s Jacob and Charlotte. They were married, what, a few months after Bastet joined with Charlotte. If you think about it… Selmak and Bastet have been mated for centuries. The introduction of our culture could easily be what is leading to the course of marriage, though. We place more of a value on the institution than most cultures.”

Jack had stopped walking and looked at Daniel like he’d grown a third eye.

It was Charlotte’s laughter that reverberated through the corridors. “Dr. Jackson,” she teased, “you realize that you lost him after ‘Jack’, right?”

Daniel nodded and sighed. “Yeah, I figured. But it’s a good theory never the less.”

“Oh it’s very sound, and I agree. I’m one of the Tok’ra used in the example, so I completely agree. How about we get you to your rooms so you can settle in? Bastet still has a lot to do in preparation.” With that, she led them to their rooms.


Jack had been forced to admit that the ceremony was beautiful. It was incredibly long, and Daniel had to translate much of it for him, but it had been nice. It was plain for everyone to see how much not only Jolinar and Lantesh loved each other, but Sam and Martouf as well. Sam hadn’t chosen to join with a Tok’ra, but once they realized that Jolinar wasn’t a Goa’uld, she’d decided to stay one. She’d left the SGC not long after and eventually came back to get her father so he could be joined as well.

The members of SG-1 watched as the newly married couple moved through the large gathering of people. Some spoke to the hosts, and others to the Tok’ra. Whoever was speaking, it was clear that the couple was happy. Even Jolinar, who Jack could have sworn didn’t know how to smile. He was forced to rethink his opinion of Joli a bit. He wouldn’t change it completely, but he rethought it… a little.

Sam hadn’t been on his team for long, but that didn’t mean that Jack still didn’t consider her one of his team. She was, and would always be. What mattered most to him was that she was happy. She was happy; Martouf was happy. Daniel went on and on ad nauseum how you could just look in his eyes and see that he was so deeply in love.

“So Jack,” Daniel began, “does this change your opinion at all?”

“Nope,” he lied.

“Would you admit it to me if it did?”

“Nope.” He didn’t even crack a smile. Of course, inside he was laughing his ass off at the look on Daniel’s face. He loved messing with him. It really had to be one of his true gifts.

“You’re an ass,” Daniel commented.

“Why thank you.”

Teal’c interrupted before this could escalate into an argument. “I believe that this has shed new like on the Tok’ra as a culture.”

“See,” Daniel interrupted, “that’s my point exactly.”

“There wasn’t any beer.”

Daniel rolled his eyes and dialed up the gate. “You really are an ass, you know that?”

“Yep. Know that.”

The gate opened and they approached the event horizon.

“All I’m saying is that watching the joining we got to see a side of them that has nothing to do with fighting the Goa’uld.” Daniel shook his head. Sometimes, Jack’s head was as hard as a brick. “I’m saying that they live and love very much like…”

That was all he got to say as Jack rolled his eyes and gave him a shove into the wormhole. Looking at Teal’c, he sighed, “And he calls me an ass.” With that, he stepped inside.

Teal’c took a moment to consider, and decided that he should best reserve his judgment for later as to whom was the real ‘ass’ in the group.

The End

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