The Tempest

Title: The Tempest
by Christina A.

Summary: Daniel and Jonas go on a vacation together and sort of get caught in a thunderstorm.

The Tempest
by Christina A.

“I’m honestly excited about this,” Jonas admitted as he followed Daniel onto the second elevator.

Pushing the button that would take them to the first floor, Daniel smiled. In all reality, everything excited Jonas. It was, perhaps, his most endearing quality.

“What?” Jonas asked when Daniel didn’t speak, merely continued to smile.

He shook his head, and made the mistake of actually looking the other man in the eyes. He didn’t care how long Jonas lived here on Earth; the man never seemed to lose his wide-eyed wonder. It was refreshing for Daniel, actually, because he’d become jaded in some ways. Jonas wasn’t jaded. He took everything in stride even as he was determined to not only be accepted but to become an integral part of the SGC. He hadn’t returned to Kelowna after Daniel had descended. He’d stayed because he truly believed he could be of more help here.

Daniel, for one, had been grateful. Even though Daniel had taken over his spot on SG-1, Jonas had found himself a home on another SG team. They’d continued to share an office, though it had been odd, at first, knowing that the man had taken over his office and his books. Jonas had slipped into the spot Daniel had left behind, but the Kelownan had struggled to find acceptance in the very tight-knit group of the SGC.

They exited the base and headed for Daniel’s car. Once inside the vehicle, Daniel reached out and took Jonas’ hand, giving it a squeeze. “You’re sure about this?”

He nodded vigorously. “You’re kidding me right? I’ve been looking forward to this all day!”

Daniel laughed lightly. There was just something about being with Jonas that set him at ease. He couldn’t comprehend how anyone else could have an ‘issue’ with the Kelownan. Daniel just didn’t see it. “So have I,” he admitted.

Jonas took the opportunity to squeeze Daniel’s hand in response. “Don’t get me wrong. I like the base. I love Colorado, but this…”

“It’s been long enough,” Daniel said. “Honestly, I’m surprised we hadn’t thought to do something like this before. It’s not like you haven’t been off the base numerous times.”

“I was starting to feel cooped up,” Jonas admitted.

“Starting?” Daniel couldn’t help but tease.

Jonas laughed as the first crack of thunder was heard followed by a bright flash of lightning. He watched as Daniel turned on the lights and then the windshield wipers, and not once did their hands break contact. “Well, yeah, starting. I still have the off world missions to break up the monotony.”

“Ah yes, the joy that is going off world, getting shot at and kidnapped.” He chuckled as the rain began to fall.

It was a rather extended drive they were taking. They’d been given approved leave time, and Daniel had decided to show Jonas the Grand Canyon. They could have flown; it would have lengthened the amount of time they spent at the tourist attraction. For Daniel, though, half the fun was getting to spend time with his lover away from work and away from other people. They chatted amiably about inconsequential things for about an hour, and Jonas couldn’t help but try to peer at the scenery as it went by, even in the torrential downpour.

“It’s really raining hard now,” Jonas observed, leaning forward even more in an attempt to look out the windshield.

“Yeah, I think there’s a rest stop up here about a mile away.” Daniel regretted having to let go of Jonas’ hand. He was entertaining thoughts of other parts of Jonas’ body he’d like to hold. He had to push them aside though because the most important thing right now was to get them off the road safely.

They pulled into the rest stop, and Daniel parked and turned off the car. As he did, there was another clap of thunder, though not nearly as loud as before.

“Sounds like the storm’s moving off,” Jonas observed.

“Sounds like,” Daniel agreed, though his attention wasn’t nearly as focused on the storm as Jonas’ was. He reached out and rested his hand on Jonas’ shoulder, causing the Kelownan to finally give him his full attention. “The question is, what should we do while we’re waiting?”

Jonas saw the glimmer of desire in his lover’s eyes. “Oh, I think we can come up with an idea or two.” He looked around the parking lot. Given the late hour, the rest stop was completely empty. Jonas couldn’t help but smile.

“Anyone ever told you, you’re positively devious?”

“Actually, no.” Jonas smiled. “But then no one really bothered to get to know me like you have.” He didn’t wait for Daniel to reply, just opened the door and jumped out of the car. The rain was warm as it hit his skin. He’d chosen to wear a light t-shirt and a pair of ‘comfy’ jeans for this trip. He definitely didn’t regret the choice now.

Daniel followed him out, tracking him easily even though the rain spotted his glasses and he couldn’t quite see where he was going. There was a wooded area just off to the west of the building. Daniel watched Jonas slip into the trees. He had to give in and take off his glasses when he reached the woods however. He was soaked to the bone and couldn’t dry them off even if he wanted to.

Preoccupied by his thoughts, he didn’t even notice Jonas’ presence until his hand snuck out and grabbed Daniel’s elbow. “No wandering off and getting lost,” Jonas teased, pulling Daniel to him and initiating a deep kiss.

Whatever retort Daniel had in mind was lost under the ministrations of the other man. He did, however, manage to push him back up against a tree. Both his hands moved up to take a hold of Jonas’ head and angle it to deepen the kiss.

The sound of thunder passed overhead again, but neither man seemed to notice. Jonas’ hands were doing the most delightful things to Daniel’s back and his rear. The rain only helped to intensify the sensations. Hands that had been holding Jonas’ head moved down to pull out the t-shirt that was tucked inside the jeans. The kiss ended as Daniel found the snap of the other man’s jeans, but his lips moved to taste the skin of Jonas’ neck.

Jonas moaned low in his throat, giving Daniel’s rear a squeeze before letting his hands finally move to undo Daniel’s pants as well. The need for fulfillment was becoming almost overwhelming. It never failed that they could drive one another to the edge so quickly. The attraction between them was intellectual and emotional, but also very, very physical.

Forcing himself to take a break from kissing Jonas’ oh-so-tantalizing neck, Daniel pulled away and pulled down Jonas’ jeans and briefs in one swift motion. “Turn around,” he said, returning Jonas’ smile.

“Oh, I think I can do that, Dr. Jackson.”

As soon as Jonas faced away from him, Daniel had his own pants down and was pressing his chest to the other man’s back. His lips immediately found Jonas’ neck again. His manhood was going excruciatingly hard, and the need for release was becoming an aching need. Of course, the lube that was necessary to ease any joining for Jonas was left in the suitcase in the trunk. “No lube,” he said softly into his lover’s ear, only to hear Jonas chuckle. He felt the Kelownan push back into him and groaned loudly.

“It’s raining,” Jonas pointed out, not really caring if the water wasn’t a sufficient lubrication. He wanted… needed Daniel… now!

Daniel laughed lightly, preparing his lover with great ease and skill. As his fingers worked their magic, Jonas began to buck against them, his hands holding onto the tree for support.

“Daniel,” he cautioned, reaching down to grasp his own manhood, needing friction there as well.

“Don’t,” the other man nearly growled. “Let me.” He removed his fingers, slowly replacing them with his erection and waited a long heartbeat before starting to move. He reached around and took Jonas in his hand, letting his strokes match his thrusts. He honestly lost all sense of coherent thought. All he knew was the sensation of feel… Jonas was hot and tight, his muscles forming a very small channel that required Daniel to use force with his thrusts. He did manage to be grateful for the strength of Jonas’ upper body. His arms on the tree were truly their only means of support at the moment.

The rain had picked up again, coming down in bigger, cooler droplets as the men continued to build toward their climaxes. A brief flash of what was commonly known as ‘heat’ lightning lit up the night, allowing Daniel a quick glimpse at the look of sheer bliss on Jonas’ face. He moaned loudly and buried his head in Jonas’ neck, upping the tempo, nearly pounding into the other man now.

Jonas felt everything inside him start to clench. When Daniel’s thrusts became harder, it was all the Kelownan could do to hold them up. His prostate was stroked once, twice, and that in combination with the hand that was now stroking his manhood almost furiously caused Jonas to cry out as he came hard on the tree in front of him.

As the already tight muscles clenched around him, Daniel could hold back no longer and let loose himself. He had to resist the temptation to bite down on the skin of Jonas’ shoulder… to mark the man as his own.

For a long moment, neither man moved, though both actually wanted to collapse into a heap on the wet mud-covered ground. “You know,” Jonas finally managed to raise his voice above the rain that was falling around them. “This is one helluva start to our vacation, Dr. Jackson.” The formal term was actually one of endearment between them.

Daniel rested his face next to his lover’s and sighed. “Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing myself. One damn good vacation.”

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