Turning the Tables

Title: Turning the Tables

by Christina A.

Line: “Daniel, why are you here?”
Requested by: jadespencer357

Summary: This is a drabble that was written for a friend using a line that she requested. It actually features the cloned version of Jack O’Neill, affectionately known as Mini!Jack.

Turning the Tables
by Christina A

The younger cloned version of Jack O’Neill made his way into the archeologist’s office and plopped down on the extra chair. He picked up an artifact and looked it over quizzically, shrugged, and put it down before picking up another piece.

Daniel sat and watched him for several moments before he reached out and took the object from his hand. “Okay, Jack. You have my attention.”

The 15 yr. old looked up at the man he considered his best friend and asked, “Daniel, why are you here?”

Giving him a perplexed look, Daniel asked, “Um… here? Jack this is my office.”

“No, not here here. Here!” The last was said on a much more grand scale.

Daniel shook his head. “At the SGC? In Colorado? The United States? Earth?”

“Oh for cryin’ out loud, Daniel!” the exclamation sounded oddly familiar yet strange at the same time. Standing the clone headed for the door. “You’re turning into more of a smartass everyday.”

Daniel watched the young man leave and smiled. “Thanks,” he said quietly


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