The New Recruit

Title: The New Recruit

Authors: Christina A. & M. Edison
Characters: Wesley, OC, Joe Dawson
Pairing: Wesley/Other
Archive: At Ink-and-Quill
Disclaimers: Angel, Highlander their respective characters and
concepts belong to their respective owners. Emily belongs to C and the
AU is a co-venture.

Summary: seventh in the ‘Destiny’ series

“The New Recruit”
by Christina A and M Edison
Emily wandered down the stairs and managed to get to the ringing phone
two seconds after Wesley did. She smiled, waiting as his British
accent swept over her senses.

“One moment…” He smiled when he saw her. “Emily, phone for you.
Someone by the name of Dawson to speak with you.”

She smiled. “Like you don’t know who he is.” She was rather pleased
when he didn’t immediately walk away after handing her the phone.
“Joseph Dawson. I hope it’s good news that has you calling me.”

“You could say that,” the other Watcher affirmed with a laugh. “Your
English friend’s connections are good. The Council’s currently singing
your praises. Speaking of, just what the hell was going on down there?”

She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Well, all hell broke loose. I
broke EVERY rule that the Watchers ever set out. But, and you can
understand this, Grace was in trouble. Deep trouble. And I had the
information. The choice was simple.” She paused and looked at Wesley.
“Connected, huh?” She smiled. “He’s the best kind, Joe. You’d like

“Sounds like you do,” Dawson replied softly. “I’m betting this is
going to mean some tap-dancing with Headquarters on my part but, given
how this Pryce character has them doing a few smooth moves of their
own? It shouldn’t be a problem. Hey, they let me live. They do that,
they’ll go soft on anybody.”

“Joe, they had a gun to your head. Duncan saved you. Well, the
assassin saved you. You know what I mean! And you’re right about the
first part. I do. And more and more every day. It has the potential
to be scary, but fun.”

“Then you enjoy it,” he ordered in a fatherly tone. “It’s about time
you let yourself think about that kind of thing, and I have it on good
authority this man is no slouch in the looks department. Grace is
quite enthusiastic in her descriptions, so enjoy yourself!”

“Grace. She’s known for her taste as well.” She wasn’t sure if
Wesley was listening. If he was, he was being discreet. “And Joe, I
know you went out on a limb for me as well. And I know I went against
everything you advised. But I had to. You understand that, right?”
Joe was a father figure to her… having lost her father in an
inadvertant accident while he was watching his Immortal.

“I understand, this wasn’t an ordinary situation. This wasn’t even
anywhere *approaching* normal. They understand that…I understand
that.” Joe chuckled. “Besides, I hardly have the high ground to
complain on that front.”

“You do to me. And you know that. My job… I can walk away from
that if I have to. But not you. You’re the only father I have left.”

“And you could never disappoint,” he told her seriously. “And in this?
I’ve never been prouder of you, Emily. You looked at the situation,
knew what had to be done and did it with full knowledge of the
consequences and did it anyway. That’s something to be proud of.”

She had to fight off a tear. She would have jumped through fire
before disappointing Joe. Now it seemed she’d made him proud. “Thank
you. I had to follow my heart, and I couldn’t let Grace continue like
that. She means too much to me.”

“She means a lot to us all,” he agreed. “She’s playing a big part in
protecting us, we owe her a few favors now and then.”

She agreed. “We do. And now it seems I’m going to be allowed full
access. I don’t have to go back into lurkdom, right?”

“Well, you have pulled back the curtain, so to speak,” Joe noted. “It
would be hard to turn back now. And it probably will be safer for you,
no dodging vampires, demons, or whatever they’re chasing that
particular week.”

She smiled at Wesley, even though he wasn’t looking at her at that
particular moment. “Dodging vampires was the worst. Their senses are
astounding. It’s hard to watch your Immortal while she’s fighting
vampires, and not have one or two of them find you. You know?”

“No, I don’t,” he chuckled. “But I’m willing to take your word for it.
Staying inside would be the best thing for you now… besides, I
suspect it would be very hard to get your English friend to give you

She smiled. “You think? I’ve really been given no indication to that
premise on this end, Dawson. But, if that is your professional
opinion, I have no choice but to believe you. You are the expert.”

“When it comes to your situation, my dear, you are the expert.
Besides,” he grinned, “from what Duncan tells me, he’s quite enamored.”

“Duncan,” Emily laughed. “Oh Joe, you should see him now. I could
tell you a story or two. His glasses are very rose colored… even

The elder Watcher laughed as well. “The lovely Ms. Chase has turned
his head from all accounts. Which, I suppose, is exactly how he sees
it in you two. Experience.”

She nodded, even though Joe couldn’t see it. “You’re probably right.
And see, this is why you are the expert. Thank you, Joe.”

“Anytime, darlin’,” he replied with a chuckle. “Just call.”

“You know I will. Take care.”

“Always,” Joe assured. “And you too…watch yourself. You may be on
the inside but that can bring with it a whole new set of problems.”

“I will. I’m sure Duncan will make sure I’m well-trained and very
over protected. Bye, Joe.”

“Good bye, Em.” And with that he hung up.

“Interesting conversation?” Wesley questioned from where he sat,
‘reading’ a book.

She leaned against the desk. She was wearing a yellow dress that fell
to her mid-calf. When she leaned, it exposed even more of her leg.
The yellow color contrasted with her dark skin. “You could say that.
It seems I have a guardian angel who has connections with some VERY
important people in my Watcher organization. So instead of a death
warrant, I’ve been assigned to actually become a part of Angel
Investigations. If there is an opening, that is?”

Closing his book, the Englishman leaned back in his chair, steepling
his fingers before his face, a conspiratorial _expression on it. “I’m
sure we can arrange for one.”

She smiled and moved to take a seat beside him. “Thank you,” her
voice grew soft, “for everything. My superiors have been known to be
most disagreeable with Watchers who break their cardinal rules.” Her
eyes locked with his and the smile on her lips touched her eyes. He
was not the type she usually was attracted to, but something about
him. “Do I need to fill out an application? Make an appointment for
an interview?”

“I’d say you’ve already demonstrated your usefulness to the business.”
Wesley returned, his gaze holding hers. “I’d say we’d be fools to let
you slip away now.” She really was a rather lovely woman, it was
almost impossible to take his eyes off her.

“And I can tell, Mr. Pryce,” she smiled, “that you are no fool. In
fact, I’ve heard that you are spoken rather highly of within my
organization.” She wasn’t sure what was happening here, but this was
nice, very nice. “I have skills in surveillance and research.”

“Both of which are highly useful here,” he affirmed softly. “We use
both of them extensively. I can guarantee you’ll spend many a night
immersed in the ancient texts. Research is our `bread and butter’ as
they say.”

Her eyes brightened considerably. “You can’t even know how many
nights I stood out on that sidewalk and wondered what it was that went
on in here exactly.” She blushed. “Or perhaps you do. Since Grace
moved in here, I’ve been researching what I can about demons, but my
library isn’t as extensive as what you have here. My Watchers tend to
focus on Immortals for some strange reason.” She chuckled.

“It is prudent to focus on what you deal with regularly,” he agreed.
“I’m sure, with a little work, I can help you get up to speed on the
things we deal with ’round here. There’s simply no way to be an expert
on all these books, it would take years of study, but we can give you
a working knowledge.”

She agreed. “Though, I’m 30 some odd years old, and I have a very
thorough knowledge of hundreds of Immortals.” She pointed to her
head. “Photographic memory and all. Plus I have this ability with
languages. It’s kinda scary sometimes.”

“Not here it isn’t.” Wesley grinned. “Here, scary falls into an
*entirely* different category.”

“I can’t wait to learn.” And she couldn’t think of a better teacher.


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