More Than the Sun and Moon

Title: More than the Sun and Moon
Author: Christina A
Fandom: Farscape
Pairing: John/Emily (OFC)
Characters: John and Emily Crichton
Category: Het, AU, Original Character, Romance
Warning: None
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own John or the concept of Farscape. O’Bannon and the Hensons have that honor. I did create Emily though.
Author’s Notes: This is second in the pre-mission series.

Summary: This is the second story in the pre-mission series.

More than the Sun and Moon
by Christina

It wasn’t always easy, living life from inside the ‘test tube’, focusing on research and striving toward the culmination of a theory. It was even more difficult when that theory could only be proven through a massive amount of government support. For some reason, the government wanted rapid results. They would approve spending thousands of dollars for a toilet seat or an Allen wrench without hesitation, but when someone wanted money for a grant that would benefit research that could easily propel mankind into the next millennium of space flight, they became leery and asked questions.

It was in these endeavors that John Crichton excelled. It was John who gave the presentations and stood in front of the council to explain the theories and answer the plethora of questions that oftentimes frustrated his fellow scientists. Okay, so they really didn’t frustrate DK. He went with the flow, willing to be the one who sat back and let it all happen. So long as he got part of the fame, he seemed happy.

Emily wasn’t quite the same way. John would have to repeatedly remind her that letting her frustration show wasn’t always the way to get the ‘suits’ to agree to give them more money and time. Time, it seemed, was even more costly than money. The ‘suits’ didn’t give them a lot of time to prove that spending the money was worth it. And Emily wasn’t always the most patient.

Thing was, John wasn’t always the most patient either; he just seemed to cover it better when dealing with the bureaucratic end of things. It constantly amazed Emily. John and his theory weren’t ever really questioned to the extent that losing funding or workspace was a real problem. Sure, a lot of it was because he was Jack Crichton’s son. No one deluded themselves to believe otherwise. Sure, Emily was the daughter of Dwayne Satterfield… the infamous astronaut who NEVER went into space. It didn’t hurt that the son of Jack Crichton and the daughter of Dwayne Satterfield were married and worked on the project together. And everyone, it seemed, ignored the fact that Ret. Colonel Dwayne Satterfield hadn’t spoken to his daughter since she told him that she was marrying John Crichton. It was, after all, the name that got them through the door.

It was John’s charisma and ‘people’ skills that kept them inside. John Crichton had charisma down to an art form, and people responded to him.

Emily responded to him. It was the reason she never regretted looking her father in the eye and telling him that if he wanted to disown her, he could; but she wasn’t leaving John. It was the reason she laughed instead of being angry when the ‘suits’ bombarded John with questions about their research that simply could not be answered until further tests were run. It was the reason she didn’t take life too seriously all the time.

Without his charisma and his sense of humor, she would more than likely have drown in her own propensity for taking things way too seriously. He enjoyed teasing her about it too. He enjoyed pushing her limits and making her laugh at herself. He enjoyed it so much; he would oftentimes end up getting whacked upside the head with a pillow. Emily never used the brickbat… though she threatened him with it.

But that was how life with John Crichton was. It was intense in the fact that work was a priority. There weren’t a lot of vacations. The ‘good times’ consisted of watching sunrises from the patio or staring at stars through the telescope. The ‘bad times’ consisted of heated ‘discussions’ over theories, principals, and hypotheses. But at the end of the day, when all of that was set aside, it was John and his infectious personality that would ease any sting that may have occurred previously. It was his charisma that would soothe over any emotional abrasions and leave Emily smiling and laughing at her own relentless drive. Oh, he shared it too, but he also realized that there was more to life than the research and the bureaucracy.

He made her realize that there was the two of them and the common interests that drew them together. It wasn’t just the shared drive and determination. It wasn’t that they were both in love with their work. They were. But John was able to help Emily remember that life was more than work. She sometimes forgot.

But at times like this, huddled under a blanket and wrapped in his arms, she remembered. Her back pressed against his strong chest was the reminder that life didn’t exist within the confines of a lab… that skin touching skin was more tactile than lab coats touching lab coats. Sometimes, Emily forgot… John never did. He was the balance, the one that kept Emily on the even keel.

It was at times like this when she rested her head on his shoulder and they would sit outside looking at the stars, not through the scope, but with the naked eye… laughing as they tried to stump each other while guessing constellations. It made the being huddled under a blanket and holding each other all the more intimate. They were combining the two things they loved most in the world… each other and space.

They’d take turns reciting their favorite stories about the constellations… telling each other about the mythological flavor of the naming. Often getting into interesting discussions over Orion and his eternal pursuit of the Seven Sisters. Emily would call him a ‘womanizer’… John would call him ‘a man’. His humor never so evident as when he teased that Orion was a very typical male… he pursued women in the hopes of ‘getting lucky’ but could never quite catch them. Emily would tease that it was because his ‘dog’ wasn’t exactly the best hunter in the world.

The stories of the constellations were a source of great entertainment for them… even when they would make them up… which they tended to do. A lot.

But tonight was different. Tonight the laughing and teasing was a release. The day had been spent in those meetings that Emily loathed, and the topics of those meetings had caused her far more frustration than normal. The endless inquiries into what she deemed ‘meaningless’ had almost gotten the better of her. She’d bitten her tongue far more than once. Fortunately, the only one who knew just how frustrated she had been was her husband. And once they’d gotten home, he’d made it his mission to help her deal with that frustration.

He didn’t do it by talking. Oh no! Emily wasn’t perfect; he knew it and so did she. He didn’t set out to try to change her little quirks. There wasn’t anything wrong with getting frustrated. She was human. She was allowed to have flaws. The key for him was that he loved her… because of them and not despite them. Her frustration gave him a reason to try to cheer her up… to try to bring her out of it by joking, teasing, laughing, and loving.

Tonight, he’d chosen loving followed by laughing.

It was why they were wrapped in the blanket. It was why the blanket was the only thing they wore while sitting huddled together on the patio watching the stars and joking about the constellations. In tonight’s version, Orion had pulled a groin muscle while nearly catching the slowest running sister. It was John’s humorous attempt to explain why Orion was leaning like he was.

It was also the reason why Emily was laughing so hard. Laughing to the point where she almost missed the change in his mood to a more serious tone. But when he spoke, she caught it. “See that star, Emily.” He pointed to a star that was low in the sky. Small, but just barely visible on the horizon. It was just coming out and would more than likely be right above them in a few hours.

She nodded, curious as to his change in mood. Her head rested against his chest and a wave of peace overcame her.

“It’s yours,” he told her. “I mean, I know most people laugh about those star registry things, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Her brows furrowed in curiosity and she sat up just enough to look at him. “What do you mean, it’s mine? And what star registry are you talking about?”

“The National Star Registry,” he said, smiling as she turned enough so she could look at him. Brushing a stray hair from her eyes, he continued, “I had one registered just for you. That one.” He pointed again to the star. “It’s why we had to sit out here tonight. So you could see it first thing. I told you I’d give you the sun and the moon, remember that?”

She nodded, not able to trust her voice. The uniqueness of his heart… she had to be the luckiest woman alive… to be on the receiving end of his love.

“I may not be able to do that literally, but I can give you a star. That one,” he reiterated. He rambled off the coordinate for the star and the actual alphanumeric name for it, and then smiled at her. “I was going to name it EMC. But somehow, that didn’t quite fit. So, I named it EmilyMine. It can still have the initials EM, but won’t be confused with ElectroMagnetic.” He chuckled at his own joke, but didn’t miss the tears in her eyes. “You okay, Baby?”

She couldn’t speak as she knew her voice wouldn’t stand up against the lump of emotion in her throat or the tug of love at her heart. So instead, she nodded vigorously and spun in his embrace, holding him fiercely. John Crichton, for all his tough appearances, was a true romantic at heart. His devotion to his wife and the love he showed her far outweighed research, meetings, and opinions of ‘suits’. She meant more to him than work… than public accolades. At the end of his day, what mattered most to him was her.

He gave her a star… quirkily named… but a star nonetheless. And maybe he couldn’t give her the world, but he could give her that. He gave her that and his love. And though the former overwhelmed her, it was the latter that touched her the most. “I’m fine,” she eventually found the voice to say. “I’m more than fine… I’m fantastic.” She lifted enough to plaster his face with kisses.

He laughed lightly. Taking her face in his hands, he gazed deeply into her eyes. “Now see, that is really where Orion messed up. If he had just named a star after the sisters, he would have caught them easily. He may be the most recognized constellation, but he isn’t the brightest of boys, is he?”

She laughed in response, poking at his ribs even as she continued to thank him with kisses. “He definitely has nothing on you, that’s for sure.” And he didn’t. There was no way Orion, or anyone, could compare to John Crichton. To Emily, he was the perfect combination of love, compassion, passion and understanding. And she was a very, VERY lucky woman indeed.

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