The Anniversary

Title: The Anniversary
Author: Christina A
Fandom: Farscape
Pairing: John/Emily (OFC)
Characters: John and Emily Crichton, DK
Category: AU, Het, Original Character, Romance
Warning: None
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own John, DK, or the concept of Farscape. O’Bannon and the Hensons do. I did, however, create Emily.
Author’s Notes: This is the third story in the pre-mission series.

Summary: This is third in the pre-mission series.

The Anniversary
by Christina A

John Crichton was a man who was given to being sneaky on occasion. Case in point…

His wife had gone to great lengths to try to get out of working today… their tenth anniversary. There had been the surprise breakfast in bed… homemade waffles (Belgian style), bacon, sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheese and green peppers. They’d made love after breakfast, and then she’d tried to lure him from work with the suggestion of a shared bubble bath and more love-making.

John had been so very tempted. When Emily set her sights on something, she pulled out all the stops to get it. They were celebrating their tenth year as husband and wife, but they’d been together for thirteen. She was just as appealing to him today as she was when they first fell in love.


At the moment she wasn’t happy. He’d used the excuse of having to run a test to get her to go to work. They had to go, though. No matter how much he didn’t like to see her upset. If they didn’t go, his plan wouldn’t work.

So they went. They went to work and Dr. Emily Crichton was not a happy woman.


“I’ll be ready to leave in about a half hour, Baby. How ‘bout you?”

Emily looked up at the clock and shrugged. “Whenever YOU want.”

Their mutual friend, DK, leaned over and whispered in John’s ear. “She’s STILL pissed. You… All I can say… it better work or your bed is going to be cold for a very long time.”

“Be quiet, DK,” John whispered back.

Emily stood and picked up a couple clipboards.

“Where are you going?”

“They’ve refit the rocket booster. I want to check it out, run a diagnostic. Shouldn’t take but about fifteen minutes.”

The last place he wanted her today was in the hangar. Her fifteen minutes would turn into hours. She wasn’t going to run a diagnostic; she was going to get away from him. That wouldn’t do at all. “We’re leaving soon, Emmie. Can’t that wait?”

With great drama, she dropped her clipboards on the table. “You’re the boss. Mind if I run an analysis on the atmospheric data then? Or should I just sit here and spin around in my chair until you’re ready to leave?”

“Oh, very pissed,” DK mumbled.

To his wife, John said, “Run the analysis.” He purposely ignored her spat of temper. Emily had one; everyone knew that. Her anger, based on the events of the day, was justified. It was their anniversary and as far as she knew, he was ignoring it. She’d change her mind though… once they got home.


“We didn’t do one thing today that couldn’t have been put off until tomorrow. Not one damn thing, John Crichton!” Emily tossed her keys on the table and her purse was thrown to the floor. Ten years was a commitment to be celebrated. No one made them work today but John. In fact, everyone was surprised the scientists had even bothered to get out of bed. John laughed them all off and said work was work. She understood his dedication, loved him for it most times; but today, they’d needed time for each other too.

“They want a report next week,” he explained, “the more data we have, the better off we’ll be.”

She sighed and headed toward the living room. “What a disappoint… John?” She was stopped mid-complaint by the site of her living room. It was literally covered in roses. Petals, flowers, and candles were all over. They covered every surface. She looked back at her husband and cried softly. “When?”

He moved up behind her when she turned back to look at the room and wrapped his arms around her waist. “While we were working, Dad and Olivia came in and set it all up.” He placed a kiss in her hair and then ran his hands down her thighs. “There’s more.”

“More?” She was nearly overwhelmed as it was. To think… She’d been angry all day… treated him like pond scum. She moved further into the living room and saw the table… candlelit and set for dinner. On the table was an envelope.

“Open it,” he said softly.

With shaky hands, she ripped it open and pulled out the contents. Tickets… for two… airline and cruise… the Caribbean. “John, what’s this?”

“Cruise tickets. We fly out early tomorrow, leave on the cruise in the afternoon. We had to get that work done today so DK can make the report to the board. Two weeks… you and I… No work. We’ve earned it, don’t you…”

He didn’t get a chance to finish as his arms were suddenly filled with his wife. She kissed, hugged, and held him. “I was so angry with you.” Tears began to fall down her cheeks. “I’m so…”

“Don’t even apologize. I knew you’d be upset and still chose to surprise you. You had every right to be angry, Baby.”

She kissed him again. This time, it was a deep, longing kiss full of passion. When she pulled away, her eyes were dark with desire. “We have time now… for that bubble bath. You, me, naked and wet.”

He ran his hands down her back and grasped her rear end. Lifting her up, he smiled when she locked her legs around his waist. “We have time for that and then some, Baby. For us… we have all the time in the world.”

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