The Photo

Title: The Photo

Fandom: Angel/Highlander
Characters: the girls of the fang gang, and OFC– Grace, Jasa, and
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything about Angel or Highlander. Christina
owns Grace and Emily. Medie owns Jasa.
Archive: At Ink-and-Quill

Summary: eighth in the ‘Destiny’ series

The New Recruit

Title: The New Recruit

Authors: Christina A. & M. Edison
Characters: Wesley, OC, Joe Dawson
Pairing: Wesley/Other
Archive: At Ink-and-Quill
Disclaimers: Angel, Highlander their respective characters and
concepts belong to their respective owners. Emily belongs to C and the
AU is a co-venture.

Summary: seventh in the ‘Destiny’ series

Running the Gauntlet

Title: Running the Gauntlet

Fandom: Destiny AU with an appearance by BtVS.
Characters: Angel, the FG, Buffy, Scoobies, Grace, Jasa, Emily
Disclaimer: We own Grace, Jasa, and Emily. The god that is Joss
Whedon so owns everyone else.
Archive: At Ink-and-Quill

Summary: twelveth in the ‘Destiny’ series