Aliana Noelle Edison

Name:     Aliana Noelle Edison
First Appearance:     Tiger by the Tail (Wolverine AU)
Featured Appearance:   Que Sera Sera series (Cyclops AU)
Nickname:     Lana, Lanie
Height:     5’6″
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Green
Ethnicity:     American
Age:     31
Date of Birth:     June 26, 1972
Education:     MA English, BA Education
Occupation:     Head of English Department at Westchester School for Gifted Youngsters
Mother:     Deirdra Lucille Edison
Father:     Alvarado Hendrick Edison
Significant Other:
Que Sera Sera series:     Scott Summers
Other X-Men AUs:     Logan
Friends:     Ororo Munroe, Dr. Jean Grey
Mentor:     Professor Charles Xavier
Religion:     Methodist
Skills:     Her mutation is shapeshifting… anything mammalian.
Hobbies/Interests:     Reading and Watching Movies
Movie:     The Mummy
Actor:     Brendan Fraser
Type of Movie:     Science Fiction
Cartoon Character:     SpongeBob Squarepants
TV Show:     Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Song:    My Best Friend
Singer:    Tim McGraw
Type of Music:     Modern Country
Alcoholic Beverage:     White Wine
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Coca-Cola
Book:     Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Genre of Book:     Romantic Poetry
Color:     Blue
Precious Stone:     Diamond
Flower:     Rose
City:     Westchester, NY
Animal:     Lion
Transportation:     Doesn’t Drive
Personality Quirks:     Low self-esteem, borderline agorophobic
Defining Moment:     At 15, her best friend was kidnapped and murdered.  The night they found her body, Lana accidentally shifted into her friends’ form.  It was the first time her mutation appeared.
Who is she?:      A very loving and devoted person.  Her friendship is unconditional, as well as her love.  Helps the X-Men, but prefers to be the one they come home to.
Deep, Dark Secrets:     None.  Lana is an open book.
Fandom:     X-Men Movieverse