Amber Dawn Haggardy

Name:     Amber Dawn Haggardy
First Appearance:     Knowing Amber
Featured Appearance:     Knowing Amber
Nickname:     None
Height:     5’6″
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Brown
Ethnicity:     American
Age:    102
Date of Birth:     November 7, 1900
Education:     BA English from Oxford
Occupation:     Writer, Dancer
Mother:    Esther Irene Haggardy  (deceased)
Father:     Manuel Esteban Haggardy  (deceased)
Significant Other:     Richie Ryan
Friends:     Methos, Joe Dawson
Mentor:     Duncan MacLeod
Religion:     Presbyterian, doesn’t practice
Skills:     Very quick and agile.
Hobbies/Interests:     Ballet, Reading
Movie:     The Wedding Singer
Actress:     Sandra Bullock
Type of Movie:     Comedy
Cartoon Character:     Patrick Star
TV Show:     Saturday Night Live
Song:     Pink
Band:     Aerosmith
Type of Music:    Rock
Alcoholic Beverage:     Margarita
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Raspberry Iced Tea
Book:     Alice In Wonderland
Genre of Book:     Any
Color:     Pink
Precious Stone:     Diamond
Flower:     Tulips
City:     New York City
Animal:     Iguana
Transportation:     Chevy Camero Convertible
Personality Quirks:     Very flirty, loves to laugh
Defining Moment:     When Duncan found her homeless on the streets of New York City after her first death.  Died at the age of 18.
Who is she?:    She is the kind of person who loves life.  She is a very happy person who cares deeply for her friends.  She loves writing and dancing.  She hates participating in the Game and avoids challenges through almost any means.
Deep, Dark Secrets:    Doesn’t like that she was so young when she died.
Fandom:    Highlander