Charlotte Helena Rameses, PhD

Name:     Charlotte Helena Rameses
First Appearance:     Temptation
Featured Appearance:     Temptation, Belief
Nickname:     None
Height:     5’9″
Hair:    Black
Eyes:     Brown
Ethnicity:     Egyptian American
Age:     31
Date of Birth:    February 27, 1972
Education: MS Criminology and Linguistics, PhD Forensic Pathology
Occupation:     Special Investigator for the FBI
Mother:     Allyson Rameses, US Ambassador to Egypt (Retired)
Father:     Sameh Rameses, Egyptian Politician
Significant Other:     None
Friend:     Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Stone
Mentor:     Her Father
Religion: Raised with both Muslim and Christian beliefs
Skills: Quick thinker.   Profiler and problem solver.
Hobbies/Interests:    Investigating ‘cold’ cases
Movies:     Casablanca
Actor:     Humphrey Bogart
Type of Movie:     Classical, prefers black and white movies
Cartoon Character:    Betty Boop
TV Show:    60 Minutes
Song:     Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Composer:    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Type of Music:     Classical
Alcoholic Beverage:     White Wine
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Coffee
Book:     The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad
Genre of Book:     Mystery/Classical
Color:    Gold
Precious Stone:    Diamond
Flower:     Geranium
City:     Cairo, Egypt
Animal:     Greyhound
Transportation:    Cadillac Seville
Personality Quirks:    Genius and flaunts her knowledge.  Speaks over 30 languages, as well as reads and writes many ‘dead’ languages.   Very haughty and rich.  Tends to be condescending.
Defining Moments: First assignment was a triple murder case.  Was her first incident with the reality of crime and the ‘world’ outside the one her father made her grow up in.
Who is she?:     Although she comes across as haughty, she can be very understanding.  She was raised in Egypt as a debutant and given all the finer things in life.  She is a genius and started taking college courses at the age of 15, earning her first Master’s Degree by the time she was 20.  Moved to American and earned another Masters as well as her PhD before she turned 30.
Deep, Dark Secrets: She has them, but guards them very closely.
Fandom:    Brimstone