Grace Victoria Hammond (Highlander Version)

NaName:     Grace Victoria Hammond
First Appearance:    Destiny Over Vengeance
Featured Appearance:     Destiny AU
Nickname:     Gracie, G
Height:     5’11”
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Hazel
Ethnicity:     British
Age:     1018
Date of Birth:     May 30, 985
Education:     Home School…  Some College
Occupation:     Bounty Hunter, Demon Butt Kicker
Mother:     Jasa Hammond
Father:     Methos
Significant Other:    Current:    Angel
Former Husband:     Vin Tanner (deceased)
Friends:     Fang Gang, Willow, Duncan and Connor MacLeod
Mentors:     Her Parents
Students:     Cordelia Chase, Charles Gunn
Religion:     Naturalist
Skills:     Excellent Swordfighter, Kickboxer
Hobbies/Interests: Collects Knives, Explores Sexuality, Watches Movies
Movie:     The Negotiator
Actor/Actress:     Jet Li/Ziyi Zhang
Type of Movie:     Action
Cartoon Character:     Scooby-Doo
TV Show:     24
Song:     Amazed
Singer:     Many
Type of Music:     All
Alcoholic Beverage:     Beer, Scotch
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Iced Tea
Book:     The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
Genre of Book:    Fantasy
Color:     Green
Precious Stone:     Emerald
Flower:     Lily of the Valley
City:     Los Angeles
Animal:     Dog
Transportation:     Ford Mustang
Personality Quirks:     Talks a lot when happy.  Reacts before thinking.
Defining Moments:    First death (gang raped and eviscerated) was betrayed by her husband.  Died at the age of 21.
Who is she?:    She has a very keen sense of right and wrong, mostly sees things as ‘black or white’.  Pursues criminals and brings them to justice.  Kills demons, vampires, etc.  Does not like killing mortals and will only do so as a last resort.  She is uninhibited sexually, was the 23rd wife of a Middle Eastern King.
Deep, Dark Secrets:     She has done some very bad things.
Fandom:     Angel/Magnificent Seven/Highlander/Pitch Black in the Destiny AU
Other Fandoms:     Lord of the Rings and Stargate: SG-1me: gate: SG-1