Grace Victoria Matthews (Stargate Version)

Name:     Grace Victoria Matthews
First Appearance:     Still in progress
Featured Appearance:     Still in progress
Nickname:     Gracie
Height:     5’11”
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Hazel
Ethnicity:     Canadian
Age:     30
Date of Birth:     May 30, 1973
Education:     MS Anthropology and Linguistics, BS Administration
Occupation:     Liason for Canadian Prime Minister to the Stargate Program
Mother:     Judy Matthews
Father:      George Howard Matthews
Sister:     Hope Elizabeth Dutton
Step-Mother:     Janet Deloris Matthews
Brother-in-law:    Chad Dutton
Significant Other:     Jack O’Neil
Friends:     Jonas Quinn
Religion:     Catholic
Skills:     Highly, yet deceptively intelligent.  Can multiple languages fluently.
Hobbies/Interests:     Dancing, Traveling, Camping
Movie:     Bad Boys
Actor/Actress:     Will Smith/Julia Roberts
Cartoon Character:     Plankton
TV Show:     Trading Spaces, Dharma & Greg
Song:     Unbroken
Singer:     Tim McGraw
Type of Music:     Modern Country and R & B
Alcoholic Beverage:     Beer
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Iced Tea
Book:     The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Genre:     Horror
Color:     Purple
Precious Stone:     Diamond
Flower:    Lilac
City:    Paris
Animal:     Dog
Transportation:    Hummer 2
Personality Quirks:     Very devoted to her family and those she loves.  Sometimes tends to bring her work home with her.
Defining Moment:    Her parents’ divorce.
Who Is She?:     Generally a very happy person.  Very easy-going.
Deep, Dark Secrets:     None
Fandom:     Stargate: SG 1