Name:     Jade
First Appearance:     The Past Returns
Featured Appearances:     The Past Returns, The Hunter
Current Alias:     Jade MacLeod
Height:     5’6″
Hair:     Dark Brown
Eyes:     Brown
Ethnicity:      Mesopotamian
Age:     ~4800
Date of Birth:     Unknown, celebrates on New Year’s Day
Education:     Most recent:     MA Renaissance Art
Occupation:    Independently Wealthy
Mother:     Sunah
Father:     Melor
Significant Other: First Husband:   Methos     Current:   Connor MacLeod
Friends:     Duncan MacLeod, Richie Ryan
Mentor:     Methos
Students:     Kya, Devin
Religion:     Non-traditional.  Believes gods come and go.
Skills:     An excellent fighter.
Hobbies/Interests:     Shopping, traveling
Movie:     Daylight
Actor:     Sylvester Stallone
Type of Movie:     Action
Cartoon Character:     El Kabong
TV Show:     The Dead Zone
Song:     May It Be
Singer:     Enya
Type of Music:    Celtic
Alcoholic Beverage:     Rum, Scotch
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Dr. Pepper
Book:     The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Genre of Book:     Any
Color:     Red
Precious Stone:     Sapphire
Flower:     Carnation
City:     London
Animal:     Tiger
Transportation:     Chevy Impala
Personality Quirks:     Runs hand through hair and shakes it at the crown when thinking.  Practical jokester.
Defining Moment:     Was to be a sacrifice to the gods at age 12.  Saved by Methos.  First death at 16.
Who is she?:     Extremely protective of her students and loved ones.  Methos is the love of her life and best friend.  Currently living with Connor MacLeod as his wife.
Deep, Dark Secrets:     She has many.  She shares none.
Fandom:    Highlander
Sword:     Katana