Karina Nicole Hoover, MD

Name:     Dr. Karina Nicole Hoover
First Appearance:     Still a work in progress.
Featured Appearance:     Still a work in progress.
Nickname:     Rina
Height:     5’8″
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:     Brown
Ethnicity:     American
Age:     37
Date of Birth:     August 23, 1966
Education:     MD from Harvard
Occupation:     Emergency Room Physician, Head of Morgue
Mother:     Helen Ransbottom
Father:     Dr. Carl Ransbottom
Son:     Evan Richard Hoover
Significant Other:     Jarod
Religion:     Catholic
Skills:     Research, Forensic Pathology
Hobbies/Interests:     Reading
Movie:     Frequency
Actor:     Dennis Quaid
Type of Movie:    Drama
Cartoon Character:     Foghorn Leghorn
TV Show:     ER
Song:      If I Didn’t Have You
Singer:     Amanda Marshall
Type of Music:     Soft Rock
Alcoholic Beverage:     Merlot Wine
Non-Alcoholic Beverage:     Water
Book:     The Stand by Stephen King
Genre of Book:     Horror/Thriller
Color:     Purple
Precious Stone:     Ameythist
Flower:     Pansies
City:     Dallas
Animal:     Birds
Transportation:     Jeep Grand Cherokee
Personality Quirks:     Rather blunt.  Determined about her work.  Guilt over lack of time spent with her son.
Defining Moments:     When her husband, a doctor as well, left her.
Who is she?:     Highly intelligent.  Needs to be in control of situations and stands up to anyone who questions her.  Hates being condescended to.
Deep, Dark Secrets:     She knows who and what Jarod is and loves him anyway.
Fandom:     The Pretender