Emily Madeline Satterfield-Crichton, PhD

Name:  Dr. Emily Madeline Crichton
First Appearance: Rising Sun
Featured Appearance: Second Chances
Nickname: Em, Doc
Height: 5’7″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: American
Age: 35
Date of Birth: August 8, 1968
Education: SM Astronautics and Aeronautics
PhD Space Propulsion
PhD Astrodynamics from MIT
Occupation: Research team SGC
Mother: Amelia Satterfield
Father: Colonel Dwayne Satterfield, IASA (retired)
Father-in-law: Colonel Jonathon ‘Jack’ Crichton, IASA (retired)
Significant Other: Dr. Daniel Jackson
Friends: Colonel Jack O’Neil, Major Sam Carter, Teal’c, DK
Religion: Non-Denominational
Skills: Borderline genius; average mental and emotional development; a pilot
Hobbies/Interests: Star-gazing, Reading, Flying
Movie: The Princess Bride
Actor: John Cusack
Actress: Charlize Theron
Type of Movie: Comedy
Cartoon Character: Sylvester the Cat
TV Show: Alias, Friends
Song: Come to My Window
Singer: Melissa Etheridge
Type of Music: Any
Alcoholic Beverage: Wine
Non-alcoholic Beverage: Iced Tea
Book: Wuthering Heights
Genre: Classic Literature
Color: Red
Precious Stone: Diamond
Flower: Rose
City: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Animal: Any
Transportation: Beemer
Personality Quirks: Nods a lot when she’s trying to hide discomfort or sadness.
Defining Moments: Her husband being declared dead, moving to Colorado, having ‘the grief’ talk with Daniel.
Who is she?: Emily is an extremely intelligent woman who thrives on research and knowledge.  She loves outer space and studying planets.  She’s also very emotional and feels everything deeply.
Deep, Dark Secrets: None that she’s sharing.
Fandom: Farscape/Stargate: SG-1 Crossover